Danish Cord Stool

Need a Danish Cord chair or stool that needs a little love?  Here is a stool that I recently finished for a customer.   This is how the stool came look when it arrived. Danish Cord stool that has come unraveled

I took all the old cord off and was left with just the plain green frame. I nailed the end of the cord to the frame and started weaving.   I held the cord firm with clamps as I was weaving. Here is the new cord halfway through the project.

Danish Cord weave, halfway through

The stool was woven with only two pieces of cord.  I could have used only one, but it was way too long for me to work with.  There is one knot in the center of the bottom, but I was able to easily hide the knot on the inside.

Underside off the Danish Cord stool

Ta Da.  Here is the happy newly woven Danish Cord stool.

completed Danish Cord Stool

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