Fall Fantasy - Is it reality or just wishful thinking?

The kids have moved back to college, started back to high school, and my midweek "sneak to the mountains" days are over.  This is the perfect time for Fall Goals, even if it's just a fantasy.  It’s the same, but opposite of Spring Cleaning.  Forget the New Year’s Resolution and all the guilt it brings - I’m going for my Fall Fantasy instead.   Clearly, the very best thing about Fall is falling leaves, new school supplies and pumpkin spice latte's.  Other than that, I have compiled a list of my goals s that make up my own personal Fall Fantasy.

Taking care of me

Relax, take a walk, read, spiritually renew, say no sometimes, reconnect with old friends.  These things all come together to make be a better me, a better wife, a better mom and a better friend.

go for a walk

Dinner planned - every night - on time - at the dining table.

"Every night" is a total fantasy - but what the heck?  Throughout the summer our family becomes more and more disjointed.  Cereal is the go to dinner, and the salt and pepper, napkins and sriracha are more likely to be found with the TV remote than in the kitchen.  I love reading through cookbooks and making menu plans and shopping lists.  I get to restock my pantry with tons of healthy snacks, and break out the crock pot.  The best part is the outcome: creating traditions and just spend time together.

chili in a crockpot

Washing all the laundry, swap out seasonal clothes and donate

Wash all  the laundry including the big lumpy stuff that keeps making it to the bottom of the hamper.  Get all the clean laundry to the proper owner or storage spot.  Go through closets and drawers, hang, refold and sort. Pass down the clothes that are too small, and DONATE everything that is not being worn.

folded stacked sweaters

Make a schedule and stick to it.  Be organized.

Get to school and work on time.  Make sure the backpack and briefcase are ready the night before. Clean up the foyer and have a place for everything to be dropped when you walk in the door .  Keep all the family administrative stuff and homework organize.  Do your homework or housework right after you get home (right?)

Fall Organization

Look pulled together - even it it's just for show.

I miss wearing cute outfits that are thoughtfully planned and accessorized.  No more yoga pants and a t shirt everyday. I plan to actually blow dry my hair and style it - the days of walking out with wet hair clipped up are over.  I can’t use the excuse that my warehouse is too hot and I have to keep my hair off my neck, or, I have to wear oversized clothes with paint all over them because I might need to paint something.  No one believed me anyway.

Take the time to style your hair

Project time

Spend some time to pick a fun winter project.  Check out Pinterest for ideas.  Watch the sales adds and gather up your supplies.  Carve out a space, so all your stuff is in one place.  By the time snow falls, you'll be ready to go.

Convert an old TV cabinet into a Craft Closet

Let's see how long I can live in my Fall Fantasy world before I become utterly disorganized again.

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