Pick Your First Piece of Furniture to Paint

How to Pick the First Piece The shape of your first piece will determine the scope of your project rather than the size.  The easiest piece to paint, in my opinion is a small to medium night stand or a small chest of drawers.  They are essentially the same piece, they just vary in size.  The solid surfaces and clean intersections create less of an environment to make a mistake.  These items pictured below are small enough to lift myself and can easily fit on my plastic folding table.

I like to use a plastic folding table, because it doesn’t take up much room when it’s folded up, it’s very strong and has been able to hold as much weight as I’ve been able to lift onto it (so far) and I don’t care how much paint I splatter or drip on it.  It has a wonderful colorful patina on it now.  It used to look like this,folding table2

If you are interested in painting a really heavy piece, a spindle bed frame or a set of spindle chairs, you might consider getting a few easier project under you belt first.  These projects are not super hard, they are just much more time consuming.  While a chair is small, each spindle need to be painted separately.  While a bed has flat sides, there are lots and lots of flat sides. If you’re just starting out, it feels great to be able to start and finish a job in one day.  If time drags on or you have to wait for help, it could be frustrating.  Build up your confidence with a fast win.

Lots of spindles hard to paint1hard to paint2

Super heavy hard to paint6hard to paint5

Lots of surfaces hard to paint7hard to paint8

Now that you’ve picked out what you’re going to paint, you need to decide what paint you will use.  Stay Tuned